"I stopped in here today while we were checking out the local antique stores... I really enjoyed this place.  It seemed to be all small stuff, but it had a really great atmosphere and walking through the two floors it takes up was really enjoyable.  The people were very helpful, and what was the best part of this?  They've got these red phones prominently placed around to dial for help if you'd like to see something.  I didn't see any other stores around who had this set up... it made it very convenient to see something in a case without having to trek up to the front or chase down someone who worked there.  We'll definitely be back next time we're through the area."

-Elizabeth F.

"This is one of my favorite places in adamstown. it's the best place to find all things retro, but smalls only. it's literally chock full, from floor to ceiling. Just fun!"

-Vanessa W.

"Stopped in for the first time in early march 2012. Blown away by the friendly, knowledgeable staff, and especially by several linen and needlepoint, med-century americana, and ephemera specialty cases. beautiful place. i expect to spend much more quality time here. first on the adamstown strip from the south and "first" in quality and prices, too."

-konstantinos P.

"Killer Shop!! great prices, wonderful owners!!! Keep up the awesome work!!"  -Amy R.

"cozy shop. cute stuff. good prices."

-Ivelisse V.R.

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"Great bargains and really cool vintage stuff."
-Konstantinos P.

"Awesome place!! Lots of great stuff!!!"

-Grace G.

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